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People and Places

Photographing people and places, however, gives you complete control. All the elements of good photography are in your hands. You're surrounded by potential subjects; friends, places, relatives and even strangers if you have the courage to ask. Every potential subject is unique. If the light isn't great, you can do something about it, like move to another location or use flash. You can ask your subject to wear different clothes, or do something a little crazy - your only limit is your imagination. And this is the key to great people photography - imagination. Have fun, and if you don't know much about your camera settings yet just put your camera into an automatic mode (most cameras have an automatic Portrait mode you can use) and concentrate on making some beautiful photos. You can learn the technical details afterwards. One of the best ways to improve your photography is to learn from the professionals. Here are some tips to get you thinking like a pro, and into the correct mindset to take some amazing portraits. Trio photography offers more than professional photography. Our professional photographers know exactly how to bring out the unique personalities of each individual, creating a photographic record that can be shared and displayed. The Picture People photography studio does more than take photographs; we make memories that last a lifetime.